Our Journey



Rood Logistics LLC is a 24/7 full service freight agency headquartered in NW GA that specializes in various modes of freight transportation with special focus and expertise in USPS contract plate management.  

Since 2014 we have been partnering with postal contractors across the country to collaborate on how to best provide a 99.9% on schedule execution on their USPS contracts and provide capacity solutions in an ever evolving market. Driver Shortage?! We are not buying into this excuse at all. By specializing in dedicated year round postal routes we have successfully developed strong partnerships with drivers and trucking companies across the country that exclusively work with Rood Logistics giving  us the flexibility to reallocate assets anywhere  at anytime. Our business model has withstood the "capacity crunch" by upholding  one core principle, "If you want to keep your customers happy, keep your drivers happier".  

Outside of postal, the transport services we offer include Dry Van, Flatbed/Overdim, Hazmat, and Refrigerated.  

The Rood Advantage

 Our business was founded with one core objective in mind, to change the customer experience of the transportation industry. To make every business partner feel like they are the only piece of business we have and to make it personal. To develop friendships that endure the test of time. To visualize what we do is to say we provide a transparent medium through which the quality and values of our customers are transferred to their customers. It is our job, by any means to make it personal. If you succeed we succeed.  

Our collective mission is to provide innovative,practical, and top quality freight management and freight broker related services that offer our customers a competitive advantage. We are dedicated to adding value for clients, associates and business partners by committing to what we can deliver and delivering on what we commit.