Ask our customers....


Rick Rood was always very professional and worked with great integrity. He always went above and beyond to provide excellent customer service and to ensure that all of the service level agreements were met. He worked diligently and proactively to avoid any issues to ensure that our freight was picked up on time and delivered as promised. I would absolutely do business with him again, if the opportunity ever presented itself. 

-Melanie E.

 The most important part of any relationship is communication and Rick was one of the best people to work with because of his constant communication. His company's performance was far above average and I can't thank him enough.

-Bryan W.

 Rick understands the demanding and constant changes involved in the fresh produce business. He is always available to answer the phone; day or night, and when he makes a promise he always delivers upon his word. I highly recommend Rick to provide transportation needs to any fresh produce company in the industry.

_Yulia K.

 Rick is a stand up guy. I have had the opportunity to work with him over the past year to support our transportation needs. He was the guy we turned to time after time when we were in need of a solid commitment and great service. Rick is dedicated and passionate about his work and has a top notch individual. 

-Pete J.

 Rick Rood did an exceptional job on a recent project of mine and was able to work with my vendor & I to get our shipment to our DC earlier than I ever expected. He is a dedicated and innovative person and is ready to deal with difficult situations and solve the problems. I have been working with Rick on logistics for over 10 months and I am glad that he has our account and I call him first to see if he can help! 

-Tonja A.

 When looking for a solid service provider to help manage your supply chain certain personal qualities are needed in the main POC. After working with Rick the last 6 months he has proven that he is passionate about keeping his word, excited to come in daily with a goal of making it happen for his customers and not leaving until the job is done correctly. I would recommend Rick to help handle all modes of transportation & logistics projects. Keep up the good work! 

-Shawn L.